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Divine Chocolate is proud to partner with T'ruah: the Rabbinic Call for Human Rights to promote Kosher Fair Trade gelt this Chanukah.

On Chanukah, we celebrate the miracles of ages past. The Talmud teaches us, however, "לא סמכינן אניסא" "We don't rely on miracles" (Kiddushin 39b); instead of waiting for a miracle, we take action to establish a world that is safe and just for everyone. This Chanukah, we take one concrete step toward the "miracle" of protecting the human rights of all workers, empowering farmers, and ending labor abuses in the cocoa industry.

To learn more about our partnership and T'ruah's campaigns for worker justice, go to

Milk and dark chocolate coins are produced in a peanut-free facility. The dark chocolate coins are produced on the same lines as milk so there is possibility of cross contamination (but there is no intentional dairy ingredient in the dark chocolate product).

Divine Chocolate is pleased to donate 10% of Chanukah gelt sales on this page to the work of T'ruah.

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